• Priorities

    Representing you in the General Assembly has been the honor of a lifetime. I’ve worked tirelessly to fund our schools, reign in toll costs and traffic congestion, and provide financial relief to businesses and families during the pandemic. There is more work to do, like addressing the cost of health care and child care, protecting our democracy, and ensuring kids in our community have access to a safe, quality education.


    Since entering the General Assembly two years ago, I am proud to have:

    • Provided relief to small businesses and families affected by the pandemic

    • Passed historic legislation to address high tolls and improve traffic

    • Invested in our schools and teachers while on the Education Committee

    • Protected our democracy and fought Georgia-style election laws

    • Passed laws to address gun violence

    • Fought to retire fossil fuel infrastructure so we can leave a better future for our children

    • Pushed to reduce prescription drug prices so that healthcare is more accessible for everyone

    And I will continue to fight for you in the General Assembly against special interests who don’t share our values. My priorities moving forward include:

    • Continuing to push to lower the cost of healthcare so that all Virginia’s can access the care they need

    • Further reducing our emissions of greenhouse gas and put the Commonwealth on a greener and more equitable path

    • Ensuring that we continue to fund our schools to secure the quality of our childrens’ educations

    • Protecting the right to vote and continue to improve access to the ballot

    • Continuing to support Virginians through the changing impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic